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Mark Zuckerberg Revealed Using Signal


The world’s largest social media platform Facebook, recently a big security breach with the agenda. According to the information obtained, Facebook, more than half a billion lost personal data of the user to hackers. Even among the leaked user information Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg including information was alleged. A new development is that the Facebook founder is about protecting his privacy. is very sensitive (!) reveals.

User data captured by Facebook include full name, date of birth, place of birth, addresses, gender, and phone numbers

It contained important information such as . Information allegedly belonging to Mark Zuckerberg was also seized by a security expert named Dave Walker. Having managed to verify this data, Walker came across a very striking detail about Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is another Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging application was using more.

Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number is also registered for the Signal app.

Making a statement on Twitter about the information he acquired security expert concluded that the phone number Zuckerberg shared by hiding some of it was active in the messaging app called Signal. Dave Walker, who shared a screenshot about this, revealed a striking truth about Zuckerberg. Walker said that Facebook founder’s personal information was leaked from his platform, “ ironic “.

Screenshot showing Mark Zuckerberg registered on Signal

Subject to the shared screenshot Signal

The application named came to the fore very recently. For those who do not remember; After WhatsApp announced that it would update its user agreement, millions of users were looking for a new alternative. Signal became popular just as these searches continued. App to user privacy focus caused people to switch from WhatsApp to Signal. It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg also does not want to use a privacy-focused messaging app while his platform has a messaging app like WhatsApp. prefers.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the Signal issue was revealed based on the security breach on Facebook and stolen information. did not comment. Who knows, maybe this incident happened to be Mark Bey’s changes their minds and companies belonging to both Facebook and Facebook begin to see users not only as a source of money but also as people from now on.

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