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Mystery of Instagram Story Locking iPhones Solved


An Instagram joke, it’s been a few weeks iOS devices crash and crash Leads. For iPhone users who enter a story shared on Instagram, the Instagram application first and then the phone hangs. While the story does not cause problems on most Android devices, it leaves users with a strange image.

The story, which locks the phones of tens of thousands of people because of a code written by a bored Instagram user, has been talking a lot on the internet lately. Many victims share posts about how people can get rid of the mistake. Android

Most of the users get into this story just a purple background, confetti effect and “Your Love”

Encounters a song called .

14-year-old coder locked tens of thousands of iPhones

The story in question consists of a screen with Arabic letters. IOS phones entering this story; Apple’s current most advanced phone fails and hangs, even including the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While some lower segment Android devices also react the same to the story The response speed of middle segment phones is slowing down. On the upper segment Android devices, the story opens smoothly. But the only thing that greets the user is a purple background with added confetti effect and music.

Creating the story and bringing the internet world together ‘ pgtalal

An Instagram user named told a YouTuber who investigated the error. stated that he is 14 years old. Interested in coding since the age of 11 Talal

The boy named has created such a story to get bored in quarantine and have fun with Instagram errors.

How does iPhone crashing story work?

In the video above, you can see how the story reacts on different phones. YouTuber examining how the bug is used in the story Mrwhosetheboss shows how another erroneous story Talal created also works. According to what is mentioned in the video, pgtalal HTPP proxy

Instagram that he manipulated using countdown sticker causes iPhones to shut down and fail to decipher the story. Even though Instagram has fixed the error, the crashing issue can still occur on some phones.

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