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New Twitter trend: ‘Got some things in the head’


Trends emerging on social media platforms continue to add color to our lives. Providing fun and creative sharing Twitter trends

A new one is added between every day. Shared on Twitter for a few days, “finished some things in the head … combo” Twitter trend

We have brought together funny and creative posts about for you.

Funny posts with the trend that got some things in the head

Continuing for about a week Twitter trend made funny and interesting posts. Twitter users share male or female combos about this trend. Funny and interesting combination choices stand out in the posts about the trend.

Commentator Ahmet Çakar from the White Football program, former politician Hasan Mezarcı, and the character of Mecnun, played by actor Ali Atay in the TV series Leyla Mecnun, are among the prominent posts.

Here’s growing like an avalanche on Twitter “got some things in the head” trend

Funny posts about :

Distress bells are ringing for Twitter

Although Twitter

Although comes up with new trends emerging every week, Social Media

Since the giant of did not open a representative in Turkey, since 19 January advertising ban. If the platform does not appoint representatives in April, bandwidth will be restricted by 50 percent in April.

As you know, this law came into effect on 1 October. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn, who did not assign a representative until December 11 after the warning sent after the law came into force, were fined 30 million TL.

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