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Our Landscape, Alev Alev: 15 Women Phenomenons Who Have Overcome 1 Million Followers On Instagram With Their Beauty And Exquisite Physique


No need to describe these women, you see.

1. Francesca farago

The 26-year-old Canadian, Francesca’s number of followers grew exponentially after she joined Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle program. Currently, Francesca has 4.8 million followers on Instagram!

“So what does this girl do?” if you ask. . .

Modeling and Instagram influencer. Using Instagram as a career, Francesca, taking advantage of the increase of her followers, launched the products of her own brand Farago for sale. He also models his brand!

2. Mathilde Tantot

25-year-old Mathilde is both a French and Iranian Instagram influencer and business woman! He also has 7.3 million followers on Instagram. . .

Mathilde has a bikini brand with her twin sister Pauline. . .

We don’t even need to say that the twins modeled the bikinis of their brands.

3. Tana Mongeau

Tana, who is only 22 years old, has 5.4 million followers on Instagram. What has had an impact on his followers so much is his surprise marriage with the world famous YouTuber Jake Paul. . .

Actually, Tana is more of a YouTuber. . .

The first video Tana uploaded to YouTube reached 1 million views. The title of the video is “Getting Fired From Walmart”. Let’s say youth excitement. ????

4. Alissa violet

Alissa, known for her funny videos, is 24 years old and has 9.6 million subscribers on Instagram as well as a large audience on YouTube.

Shutting down Vine literally helped him. . .

Alissa, who became famous by starting to share videos on Vine, gained 600 thousand new followers on Instagram after Vine’s closure!

5. Amanda cerny

Amanda, who is one of us, has 25.9 million followers on Instagram! After entering our lives with Vine, it didn’t come out again.

Ceryn was featured in the October 2011 issue of Playboy before she became so famous. . .

Of course, such a beautiful body is not easy to have! Let us remind you that Ceryn is a fitness expert.

6. Merve Sanay

24-year-old Merve has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Merve’s entry into our lives was with Periscope. The biggest part of his popularity is his bold statements. . .

Merve’s profession, apart from her Instagram phenomenon, is DJing like all other phenomena do.

Although he was hated by a large audience in Turkey, people all over the world, especially in Europe, came to him to get to know him and talk.

7. Shantal Monique

Shantal, who completed her biochemistry education at the university, is 31 years old and has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Also featured in the South African Playboy magazine. . .

Shantal’s sharing of her shootings as a Playboy and a model on Instagram gained him tens of thousands of followers.

8. Valerie Cossette

Valerie Cossette, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, is a 27-year-old Canadian phenomenon.

The most striking aspect of Valerie is her tattoos found on many parts of her body!

9. Andrea Russett

25-year-old Andrea was a radio DJ before she became famous. After becoming popular, he appeared in the movie Expelled with Cameron Dallas.

He often uses the Andrea phenomenon for useful work. . .

He supports campaigns by collecting money from his followers, especially when it comes to cruelty to animals.

10. Gabi Martins

24-year-old Brazilian Gabi Martins is a singer as well as being a phenomenon. As an advantage of being on TV, Martins’ number of followers on Instagram is 8 million!

He also competed in the Big Brother show. . .

11. Lara Silva

Although Brazilian Lara is only 18 years old, she has 5.3 million followers and ambitious photos on Instagram.

Lara’s biggest popularity is her long red hair and her fashion style. . .

12. Cindy kimberly

The 21-year-old Dutch, Cindy has 6.4 million followers on Instagram. Justin Bieber was the biggest factor in the fame of Cindy, who became famous one night while babysitting. . .

Bieber shared Cindy’s photo one day and said, “Oh my God who is this !!” When she wrote, Cindy suddenly became famous. . .

13. Tessa Brooks

Although Tessa is only 21 years old, she is modeling and acting. He also has a professional dance career.

He occasionally includes dance videos on his Instagram account with 9 million followers. . .

14. Chantel jeffries

Having 4.6 million followers on Instagram, Chantel started to be a DJ as well as modeling after becoming a phenomenon.

What helped Chantel to become famous was the allegations of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. . .

15. Chloe veitch

Chloe is one of the names that owes her 1.6 million followers on Instagram to the Netflix production Too Hot to Handle. . .

was nominated for the Essex Teen of the Year Award and placed 1st in the Top Model competition in 2018!

Although he could not show his intelligence in Too Hot to Handle, he managed to increase the number of followers by using Instagram strategically after the program.

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