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Ronaldo reached 500 million followers on social media!


The Portuguese star of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo

The number of followers of in all social media accounts 500 million passed. The world-famous name has 262 million followers only on his Instagram account.

Ronaldo has half a billion followers on social media accounts

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic names in world football history, as much as his success on the field in social media continues to be discussed with the statistics it captured.

About the past year from Instagram $ 50 million winning Portuguese star in all social media accounts to 500 million followers reached. Achieving this number in three different channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Ronaldo has broken another first.

The player who plays for Juventus, one of the Italian Serie A teams, with 261 million followers on Instagram Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a strong lead against Lionel Messi, Neymar and other athletes.

The Rock, a WWE superstar before stepping into Hollywood, has 217 million followers on the platform. This makes him one of the two athletes with more than 200 million followers. Messi has 183 million followers and Neymar has 146 million followers.

Ronaldo’s number of followers is equivalent to the total followers of more than 20 English Premier League clubs. The 20 clubs in the league have a total of more than 159 million followers. Ronaldo alone has 261 million followers.

Ronaldo, not just on Instagram Facebook He is the most followed athlete. Star football player on Facebook 148 million followers. The number of likes on its official page is 214 million. Messi, his closest rival in green fields, has more than 90 million likes on his page.

When we look at the Portuguese star’s Twitter account 91 million followers. I think it would not be wrong to say that Ronaldo, the only athlete in the top 20 list, will pass the 100 million threshold on Twitter very soon.

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