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Answering the questions of celebrities and fans for her first interview in 2020, Selena Gomez explained in detail why she sees Instagram as ‘toxic’. Gomez, who has the most followers on Instagram, now ranks fourth with 167 million followers and is also the second woman with the most followers.

Photographer Brianna Capozzi’s “If you could destroy Instagram completely by pressing a button, would you do it?” Saying “Yes,” to his question, Gomez explained at length why he doesn’t like Instagram:

“I think a lot of people will hate me for saying ‘yes’. It would be great if I could find a balanced and happy medium, but it would be a lie if I did not say that this platform destroyed some of our generation and their personalities. The name of my new album is why I did ‘Rare’ because there is a lot of pressure on us to look like others. The first four days of my returning to Instagram was terrifying, I was thinking, “I can never do this.” Now, I look whenever I want and then I log out of my account, I don’t waste my time looking at others on Instagram. ”

Saying that he has not read what is written about him on the internet, Gomez said that this protects his mental health. “I don’t read anything, not a single thing. This is a little difficult because I have been used to reading everything for a long time. But I don’t really read anymore. I heard that the ‘Rare’ album’s comments were very good and I was happy but I didn’t focus my focus on it. When I do this I feel insecure and empty. Sometimes it’s better not to know, ”Gomez said, trying to stay out of the internet.

When director Anna Chai asked Gomez if she had regrets, Gomez spoke to Justin Bieber about her relationship, depression, and anxiety. But Gomez said that he did not regret that all this brought him to the position he was, “No, there is no. So there have been things that I tried to say, that I never wanted to happen to me. But without them I wouldn’t be the inspiration that I am the person I am now and the people who are going through the same things as me. Having a kidney transplant after lupus, struggling with fame, my depression, anxiety and other mental problems I have experienced. It was all very confusing. When the song ‘Lose You to Love Me’ came out, I withdrew and thought ‘There was a reason why I was pushing myself’. I put out a song that heals some people or shows that they are not alone. Actually, I was personally in the process of giving up, and when this happened, something disappeared from me. Therefore, I am grateful for these parts of my life. “I’m not saying it will be easy from now on, but I have more strength and much more courage and a louder voice to get what I deserve,” he said. As for what he learned from 2010, “He left behind the weak, cowardly and quiet girl he was in the past,” said Gomez, adding that “he hugged the girl from the past and said goodbye.”

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