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  • Enter Video Link Example:
    Min: 50,000
    – Max: 100M
    – Daily Transfer 300K – 800K
    – Adwords Global Country Views
    – Video Length Must Be 5 Minutes Maximum!
    – Windows Desktop and Youtube Advertising Views
    – The Reflection of the Data May Take 24 – 48 Hours
    – ADWORDS Ad Approval Time Can Find 72 Hours!
    – Views Income Mixed From Countries Of The World.
    – Drop Rate: Very Low
    – Do Not Perform Again Before The Process Is Over May Cause Conflict!
    – There is No Refund or Cancellation in Submissions.
    – Responsibility for All Kinds of Problems That May Occur Belong to the Buyer!NOTE:
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    – + 18 / Adult / Adult Content
    Malicious keywords
    – Nude Images Or Videos With Similar Scenes
    – Weapons / Drugs / Blood / Politics
    The found contents are not accepted!

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