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Social Media Conversations’21 Begins


ACM Hacettepe organizes an online event that can be enjoyed during the pandemic period that we mostly have to spend in our homes. ‘ Social Media Conversations’

The activity named , Twitch and YouTube

It brings together many names that we know from social media platforms such as .

Social Media Conversations, which will be held for the fourth time this year, Hosting 13 names in 3 days will be a long-running event. In SMS 21, which will be broadcast live on ACM Hacettepe’s YouTube channel, the social media conversation will be hit at the bottom.

“Are you ready for SMS’21?”

19-20-21 April

The event, which will be on air on , will include important names we know from the world of music as well as many names we know from social media. The event, which was previously held face to face, will be held this year via YouTube live. Young people and students from all over Turkey will attend the SMS’21, which has an increased ease of participation due to its internet connection.

Names to be hosted:

On the first day of the event, actor Gizem Katmer, Twitch broadcasters Pelin ‘PqueeN’ Baynazoğlu, Tuna ‘PintiPanda’ Akşen, Mete ‘Easter Gamers’ Özbey; and musician Doğukan Manço will attend. The next day, names such as Pinhani’s bass guitarist Selim Aydın and Özkan Sağın, whom we know from YouTube, Ali Ertuğrul Öztarsu, Efe Uygaç, and Mustafa Emre Yıldız will be on the air. On the last day of SMS 21, YouTuber Monsieur Taha, actress Zeynep Özkaya and DJ Doğuş Çabakçor will be in talks.

Live broadcast in these 3 days will start at 15:00 and end at 17.30. As you can see in the image, some of the guests will give a conversation as a single, others as a group. To attend the event, you can join ACM Hacettepe’s YouTube channel and join the live broadcast during broadcast hours.

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