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Social Media Status and Customer Experience: 1st Quarter of 2021


In Socialbakers, Q1 2021 Social Media and Customer Experience Trends Report, the increasing importance of customer experiences and what marketers need to know to deliver excellent customer experience in 2021 paid, organic and impressive presented an analytical look at data in marketing.

Among the highlights of the report are the effects of social media on the pre- and post-purchase customer journey and the role of empathy in closing the customer experience gap. Socialbakers data is also 60 percent, as well as an increase in advertising reach and TBM of regional and sectoral emphasized their distribution.

The report also includes the use of hashtags and what type of influencer As it increases the interaction of ‘s, some developments in influencer marketing are also detailed.

Indicating that delivering a great customer experience has never been more important Socialbakers, this report is designed to help marketers make decisions that benefit their target audience and achieve their goal of putting the customer first. insights and provides data.

Global social media ad spending Increased 60 percent annually

To reach consumers at their homes social media

Worldwide trust in marketing, 2020 and continues the same growth this year.

of 2021 1. in a quarter marketers, 2020 of 1. to a quarter compared to Facebook and Instagram advertising 60 percent spent more. North America

Advertising expenses in 59 percent. Western Europe

Ad spend in 44 percent increased, but most importantly Latin America

Ad spend in 68 percent increased.

The growing role of social media in bridging the empathy and customer experience gap

To empathize with the needs of consumers in every step, social media remains indispensable for delivering the experiences it desires on digital channels.

Social media is thought to play an important role in the development of this empathy. It is anticipated that sensitivity to social media listening and watching regarding certain topics will provide important information to strengthen empathy efforts.

It is also thought that being able to quickly (or automatically) raise issues and questions shared on social media to help provide quick responses will play an important role in providing a positive customer experience through social channels.

Deloitte Digital

According to , the respondent B2B leaders 84 percent believes that the epidemic has made them more empathetic to the needs of their customers.

Fewer hashtags generally perform better


According to data, on Instagram

Worldwide media posts without hashtags nearly doubled the median engagement amount compared to other posts using hashtags.

However, looking at worldwide brand accounts on Instagram, 1-2 hashtags

Posts containing , 3-4 hashtags

It was slightly ahead of those with or none at all.

What is consistent in both cases is a group hashtag shows that throwing is not an effective strategy. Social media managers should avoid using unnecessary hashtags to gain more attention, as the data shows that it’s not working.

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