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Spotify integrated with Facebook app


Spotify users have loved songs for years Facebook can share their profiles with friends. But until now, when users wanted to listen to these tracks, they had to leave Facebook. However, with the latest collaboration, the two companies joined forces and created a pleasant integration work.

On Spotify without leaving the Facebook app music or podcast

The feature you can listen to has been officially opened. Thanks to the mini player added to the platform, it is now possible to listen to your favorite songs without interrupting your enjoyment of browsing on social media!

Spotify launches a mini player on Facebook

When you click on the Spotify links you encounter on Facebook with the new feature, you will automatically see a mini player will work. While the track you selected starts playing here, you will be able to continue your action where you left off.

Spotify Premium users can start their music directly and without ads on Facebook, just like the main application; free subscribers will continue to encounter advertisements.

Spotify explained this integration process with Facebook as follows:

Discovery is essential to Spotify. Therefore, by offering a new mini player experience driven by social media, users songs and podcasts parts

We are experimenting with sharing, interacting with them. We allow listeners to enjoy music on Facebook directly from Spotify without switching apps. ”

Spotify and Facebook only offered this feature to a limited number of users for now. Integration that will soon be available all over the world is currently only Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras can also be used.

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