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Stephen King Abandons Facebook


Facebook, which is the target of criticism arrows on the privacy of user data and many other issues, continues to be hit by famous names. Famous writer in recent development Stephen King announced that he deleted his Facebook account in a statement he made on his official Twitter account.

The famous horror writer said that the reason for deleting his Facebook account was the misinformation of the social media platform in political advertisements and also privacy of personal data

He showed his concern about .

Facebook keeps taking hits:

“I am closing my Facebook account. I am extremely uncomfortable with the political ad piles on Facebook and I am also not sure that Facebook is protecting the privacy of its users. You can follow me (and Molly) on Twitter.”

Stephen King, one of the most important writers of today’s world, opened his Facebook account on December 28, 2012 and is in this account of the famous writer. 5.3 million had followers. On the other hand, Stephen King’s number of followers on Twitter is 5.6 million.

Especially Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook, which has been targeted by many people after , continues to receive heavy criticism from various names. In a news we shared yesterday, Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov is also owned by Facebook. WhatsApp

We conveyed that he made heavy criticism to .

Durov also uses WhatsApp. end-to-end encryption said that it cannot provide security alone, and WhatsApp is a ‘end-to-end encryption alone that can provide communication security. magic wand ‘.

Recently the richest person in the world

Facebook, which is the target of criticism arrows again after Jeff Bezos’ WhatsApp conversations were detonated, said that the problem was not caused by WhatsApp but by iOS.

Facebook, which has been blamed for political advertisements criticized by Stephen King, has not given up on this policy yet, Twitter, another popular social media platform, banning political ads had taken the decision.

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