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The era of hiding answers on Twitter has begun


After a long test and development phase of Twitter, USA and Japan has introduced the “Reply Hiding” feature for users on it. Target of the Twitter reply suppression feature offensive and irrelevant to avoid replies.

One of the biggest problems faced by accounts with high followers irrelevant answers is coming. Anyone to a tweet you shared abusive or irrelevant

If wrote replies, anyone can see it.

Twitter reply suppression feature launched

twitter response suppression

Thanks to the feature, you no longer have to delete them. After clicking on any reply to your post, thanks to hide option You can prevent other users from seeing it.

As mentioned above, this feature is now available in the USA and Japan. Last summer Tested in Canada It is currently unknown when this feature will come to Turkey and other countries.

Facebook and to today’s indispensable social media there is no such option in the transformed Instagram. For a comment you don’t want to be seen on both platforms, all you can do right now is

Eliminate completely by wiping .

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