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The long-awaited Instagram feature is on its way!


The rise of smartphones has changed the way we use social media. These platforms, where everyone used to log into their computers for a while, now receive almost all of their traffic from mobile. This situation Twitter and Facebook

It affects the mobile approach of companies such as . The clearest example of this is Instagram.

Popular photo and video sharing app, today more than 1 billion has active users. However, very few of these users web

Logging in from site. The main reason for this is that the platform, which emerged in the rise of smart devices, is largely designed for mobile. Although the company has a website, many critical features are closed, which prevents users who want to use it. Fortunately this is changing very soon.

Sharing features coming to the Instagram web application

Alessandro Paluzzi

An analyst named recently shared, Instagram’s web announced that he managed to reach the post sharing screen. That doesn’t explain exactly how you got to this part Paluzzi, shared the screenshots of the feature with its followers. Thus Instagram

Although not officially verified by , it turns out that the website will gain new capabilities.

Feature expected to be announced very soon, Instagram will allow its users to share posts and add stories by logging in from the browser. In fact, this feature is already mobile web was available in versions. But on the desktop side, it has long been eagerly awaited. Especially profession of these innovations social media is expected to facilitate the work of people.

iPad users heartbroken

This innovation is particularly iPad is expected to please its users. Actually Instagram application, iPadOS

readily available for . However, the application, which seems like a fake version, is directly iOS

It works as a version. This prevents enjoying the big screen, especially. Although the new web version iPad users are looking forward to releasing a more compatible version. Unfortunately, the information received shows that this is not likely to happen in a short time.

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