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The most downloaded apps have been announced in April


Leading market research companies SensorTower

According to the information provided by , in April

Most downloaded applications have been revealed. It seems to be number one on the list since last month. Having managed to rank in the top with a rapid rise last month Josh’s

It is worth noting that is no longer included in the list.

Number one unchanged in top downloaded app in April

TikTok, despite competing with Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube’s “Shorts” application In April 2021 again managed to rank high and From Sensor Towers once again became number one, according to the report.

The app was the largest user market of the time. in India

Although is banned and has a lot of competitors in the country, as more users come to the short video app the app faster somehow managed to grow.

Tiktok does not want to give its first place to anyone.

The application is on its way to become the next billion user platform at this rate. in April from 59 million

Countries with the most downloads in the app with overacloads Brazil with 13 percent, followed by Douyin with 12 percent.

In the other top five of the list to Facebook includes applications. Facebook, from 53 million was the second most installed non-game app worldwide last month with overloads.

Countries with the highest Facebook uploads with 26 percent India, followed by the United States with 7 percent. Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger completed the top five most installed non-game apps worldwide during the month.

Here is the list of most downloaded apps

When we look at the other applications in the list, due to the data policy announced by WhatsApp, the users are In Telegram seems to have found it. on the other hand TikTok and Instagram Reels, which also helps to create short videos for applications such as CapCut continues to be on the list.

Applications pre-installed on devices are not included in the list in the SensorTower report. Only initial downloads are taken as a basis. on the other hand Facebook and Facebook Lite

Applications with alternative versions such as are considered singular.

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