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The new way to make money on Twitter: the tip box


Twitter, which has been looking for ways to make money for content producers through the platform, came up with an interesting claim. Finally Join YouTube

The social media giant, working on a paid subscription system like , now adds a feature called tip box to the platform.

Social media giant, Clubhouse competitor Spaces

Tipping box feature developed for To Twitter. This feature will allow users to send donations to those they love and follow.

Twitter tip box

The claim is reverse engineer who uncovered some innovations in the past before their release Jane Manchun Wong ‘

It came from . to Wong

According to , the popular social media site will add a new option to tip some users’ profile. “ Type Jar ”ie“ Tipping Box ”, the new feature will allow users to pay content producers with different payment methods.

Earlier Twitter’s

This feature, announced for voice chat application Spaces, will be added to the platform with Super Tracking. Users who want to tip the person they follow will make the transaction by choosing one of the five international payment methods. These five methods will be as follows;

  • Bandcamp
  • Cash App
  • Patreon
  • PayPal
  • Venmo

Sure Twitter

The fact that tests this feature does not mean it will be added to the platform. The social media giant, which often tries new features, really offers few of them to end users. Still, the monetization feature is expected to be active and therefore the site will be flooded with phenomena.

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