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The Source Of The Problem That Caused Iphones To Freeze After Clicking On The Instagram Story Has Been Determined


Iphone users have been complaining for a while that their phones freeze completely when they click on the story when they come across an Instagram story with Arabic text. Although it could not be said that it had a lot of trouble on the Android side, it was quite annoying on phones with the IOS operating system. The source of the trouble is quite interesting. . .

A story with an Arabic text and your frozen phone. . .

With phones with iOS operating system, after you click on the story, you will see an Arabic text with a gray background and then the Instagram application freezes. When you try to exit the application, you notice that the phone is also frozen. From the lowest model of the iPhone to the latest model, this situation is also experienced when you click on the story.

The problem varies on Android phones.

There is no problem when clicking the story on top model Android phones. When you click on the story, confetti appears on a purple background and you hear a song called “Your Love”. However, in mid-level models, the opening of the story slows down, a decrease in phone speed is observed. In the lowest models, the phone freezes just like the Iphone. ????

Is the purpose to hack Instagram accounts or something else?

When users who freeze their phones understood that the reason for the freezing was due to the story, they thought that their Instagram accounts were trying to be hacked and their information was seized. Fortunately, however, that wasn’t the case. . .

What would we do without YouTubers? . .

The source of the problem has been determined by a YouTuber. YouTuber named Mrwhosetheboss started research on the subject. The Instagram profile that created the stories tried to communicate with the owner of “pgtalal” and succeeded.

14 year old boy. . . He just wanted to have fun.

The person who returned to the YouTuber’s messages said that his name was Talal and that he was 14 years old. He said that he has been dealing with software since he was 11 years old. The boy, who was very annoyed in the quarantine, wanted to create something different and creative by using the vulnerabilities of Instagram. He seems to have done this very well with a few codes he added to the Instagram countdown sticker that caused the phones to freeze.

People who wanted to taste the problem flocked to the profile of the child. . . Even the wishes!

The most interesting thing about this situation is that people who knew the problem existed flocked to the child’s profile to try it out for themselves. Those who learned the Instagram profile of the creator caused the child’s number of followers to multiply. Using this situation in his favor, the child started to prioritize the stories that caused the problem. . .

An update regarding the problem has been brought.

Instagram has made the necessary update regarding the problem. With the update, the freezing problem has disappeared, but the story still causes some phones to slow down. It goes without saying that viral problems do not go away on social media. ????

We left the YouTuber’s video on the subject here for you

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