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They will no longer be able to disturb you on Twitter!


One of the biggest problems on Twitter irrelevant answers is coming. Any of your tweet abusive or irrelevant If the replies were written, anyone can see it. This problem has been eliminated with the Twitter reply suppression feature.

We announced to you in September that Twitter made the response suppression feature available to users in the US and Japan after a long testing and development phase. This feature is finally available all over the world.

Twitter reply suppression feature is now available

Thanks to this new feature of Twitter, you no longer have to delete irrelevant or unwanted replies to your posts. All you have to do is click on the answer you do not want people to see and then activate the hide option.

When you want to see the replies you have hidden, click on the tweet you shared, open the options on the side and “ View hidden answers

Just click on ”.

Facebook and today’s indispensable social media

The application does not have such an option in Instagram. For a comment you don’t want to be seen on both platforms, all you can do right now is

Eliminate completely by wiping .

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