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TikTok Starts Counting Days To Make A Significant Change


Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow people to block their activities on other sites in order to deliver personalized ads. However, there is no option to opt out of personalized ads for in-app activities. Facebook, for example, advocated for personalized ads last month and once again stated that this system is helping small businesses grow.

It seems TikTok takes a similar position. According to The Verge’s report, TikTok, as of April 15th, will enforce personalized ads. This means that you will not be able to avoid seeing such ads on your screen with the new user agreement.

TikTok allows you to choose whether you want to see public ads right now or personalized ads based on your in-app activities, such as videos you like or ads you interact with. The goal in this change is explained as enabling businesses to reach more consumers.

According to a warning displayed on the app, these options will change as of next month and “” However, you still have the option to not allow the service to track your activities on other apps and websites. This appears to be similar to the policy Google promised to change earlier this month. By starting to disable cookies over the next year, Google decided to focus on APIs that protect privacy by enabling advertisers to achieve relevant results without compromising user privacy.

This change from TikTok also comes at the same time as Apple is preparing to issue a new policy that will allow you to see if apps are trying to track you on iOS. This forced app developers to change the way their ads work.

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