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Today is the last day! What Awaits Those Who Do Not Accept WhatsApp’s New Agreement?


The new confidentiality agreement, which has caused controversy by WhatsApp, comes into effect from today. What awaits users who do not accept the new confidentiality agreement, which was first announced as February 8 but postponed to May 15 due to the reactions? Here are 7 items that those who do not accept the WhatsApp agreement will encounter. . .

WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement is gradually coming into effect as of today. Those who do not accept the new privacy agreement update imposed by WhatsApp, the instant communication platform within Facebook, will gradually become unable to use some features of the application and will not be able to use the WhatsApp application at the end of the process.

Following the reactions before 8 February 2021, which was previously announced as the deadline, WhatsApp 15 May 2021.

At the same time, the Competition Board and Personal Data Protection Board in Turkey initiated an investigation against Facebook and WhatsApp.

For details

In WhatsApp’s new privacy policy “WhatsApp, which is a part of Facebook Companies, receives information from other Facebook Companies and shares information with these companies”

The expression has been the focus of the discussions, and it has caused users to turn to alternative applications, especially Telegram, Signal and BiP, since January.

So what will happen after today?


According to the news of Necdet Çalışkan from , according to the latest announcements made on WhatsApp, which has 2 billion active monthly users, the process will proceed as follows:

1- First of all, no one’s account will be deleted or immediately lose WhatsApp’s functionality on May 15th due to this update.

2- These users will receive a notification stating that they must accept the agreement, and this notification will become permanent after a few weeks.

3- When the reminder notification becomes permanent, users will encounter a limited functionality in WhatsApp until they accept the update. This will not happen for all users at the same time as the process will be implemented gradually.

4- Users whose reminder notification becomes permanent will no longer be able to access the chat lists on WhatsApp. However, they will still be able to answer the voice or video calls they receive.

5- If the user has enabled notifications, they will be able to tap them to read or reply to a message or call back a missed audio or video call.

6- WhatsApp “limited functionality ”after a few weeks, it will no longer be able to receive audio / video calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to the user’s phone.

7- Users will be able to transfer their chat history to Android or iPhone and download a report of their account. As a result, if you do not accept the update, your WhatsApp account will not be deleted, but since the application will no longer be available, it will not make any sense if it has not been deleted. However, it should be noted that WhatsApp accounts that did not show any activity for 120 days are usually deleted.

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