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Twitch and Facebook’s Most Popular Streamers



For those staying at home due to the danger of , there is something else they can follow besides movies and series. Facebook and Twitch broadcasters appeal to hundreds of thousands of people with their broadcasts. We wanted to gather popular Twitch and Facebook broadcasters under one heading for those who like to watch live broadcasts.

Some of them manage to be watched a lot with their talent in games, some with their humor skills and some with their pleasant conversation. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list we have prepared extensively.

Facebook and Twitch top streamers – Summary list:

  • Ferit “wtcN” Karakaya,
  • Kemal Can “Herself Musician” Parlak,
  • Tuğkan “Elraen” Gönültaş,
  • Kaan “Elwind” Shooter,
  • Can “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş,
  • Ahmet “Jahrein” Conclusion,
  • İrfan “Pear” Tükek,
  • Şükrü “Uthenera” Şentürk,
  • Necati “Zeon” Akçay,
  • Can “Closer” Steel,
  • Cem “Mithrain” Karakoç,
  • Berk “RiP” Hill,
  • Cantuğ “UNLOST” Özsoy,
  • Sergen “Broken Blade” Steel,
  • Anna Deniz “AnnaDeniz” Şaylan,
  • Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu,
  • Efe Uygaç,
  • Lando Norris,
  • Mesut Ozil,
  • Koray “Naru” Knife,
  • Özgür “w0xic” Eker,
  • Levent “Levo” Balım,
  • Islam “Rammus53” Sour,
  • Favorite “miafitz” Demiral,
  • Fırat “BeatPug” Albayram,
  • Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp,
  • Berke “Thaldrin” Iron,
  • Uğur “Panky” Stone,
  • Cem Bölükbaşı,
  • Aziz Beyazıt “zedxsmurf” Bozkurt,
  • Furkan “Immortoru” Keleş,
  • Tuna “Pintipanda” Akşen,
  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev,
  • Nikola “Lobanjica” Mijomanović.

Nikola “Lobanjica” Mijomanovic:

If you are interested in CS: GO, it is a publisher that you should definitely check out. FPL with professional actors the most colorful and friendly is one of their names. He is especially close to Turkish actors and has a large fan base from Turkey. You can catch him writing funny Turkish sentences and making strange movements in his broadcast at any time. Loba had also helped some Turkish players with equipment.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev:

When it comes to CS: GO on the professional stage or on Twitch among top publishers The first name that comes to mind is s1mple. He is now seen as the best player in the world. Although he has a slightly angry nature, he grabs this gap with his talent. You can often see him do strange and hard-to-believe strokes. Sometimes you may not even believe your eyes and have to look at the replay of the broadcast.

Tuna “Pintipanda” Akşen:

  • PintiPanda Facebook post page

While getting very high views on Twitch, he made a sudden decision to continue his broadcasts on Facebook. Now Facebook’s most watched publishers. It’s really hard to keep fans like him together on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Its fans follow itself without noticing the platform. He holds his audience, especially with his frankness and warm conversation.

Furkan “Immortoru” Keleş:

  • Immortoru Facebook post page

Immortoru is among those who left Twitch and switched to Facebook. However, he knows how correct this decision was. Still, if we look at his old days on Twitch and his shared videos on YouTube, most popular League of Legends streamers. Due to his overconfidence in the matches, he manages to make the audience laugh with his mistakes from time to time.

Aziz Beyazıt “Zedxsmurf” Bozkurt:

  • Zedxsmurf Facebook post page

With Twitch and YouTube channels, it has managed to increase its fan base and viewers significantly, especially in the last six months. Of the world best Zed player

Zedxsmurf, also known as , manages to leave our mouth open with his games with the champion. Often times he’s already got his score before you know what’s happening. It is one of the most popular broadcasters when good chat is added to the good game.

Cem Bölükbaşı:

Car racing If you have a passion, one of the channels you should follow is definitely Cem Bölükbaşı’s Twitch channel. Bölükbaşı, currently preparing to make its first full season on real tracks, has participated in various car races and F1 simulation is playing. Being behind the wheel of RedBull’s F1 Esports team, Cem has the potential to become an F1 driver in the future if an offer comes.

Uğur “Panky” Stone:

Panky, who likes to give lessons with abundant words in his broadcasts, usually plays with the same team. Because it is an old professional League of Legends, it has some good games that attract attention from time to time. If you want to have fun and laugh and learn games at the same time, you can watch Panky’s broadcasts. With other popular publishers friday joint broadcast they do.

Berke “Thaldrin” Iron:

In the esports world calm and mature personality for being the captain of the big teams for a long time and being loved very much. Captain also known as ”. He only plays League of Legends in his broadcasts, but his chats with his close friends lead to the appearance of cookie broadcasts. If you want to watch LoL with a calm mind for a long time, we recommend you to visit the captain’s channel.

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp:

Twitch LoL streamers might be one of the funniest and most entertaining personalities out there. Although it sometimes turns into a toxic mood as the internet world calls it, it manages to entertain its viewers in general. Except this a very good Draven player. He also marked the Twitch Rivals events held last year.

Fırat “BeatPug” Albayram:

From Adanalı series Fırat Albayram, whom we know very well, continues his broadcasts on Twitch for a long time. He continues to broadcast alone in the past with his wife, Ceyda Kasabalı Albayram. Their own “Noluyo Ya?”

There is also a YouTube channel called . With their pleasant conversations and fun content, they are now among the most popular Turkish Twitch broadcasters.

Favorite “miafitz” Demiral:

Twitch’s successful female streamers, miafitz attracts attention with its new name IRL, Chat Only. Apart from that, Gözde also prefers to play GTA V and CS: GO in its broadcasts. The famous publisher, who had sincere conversations with his followers, also participated in the Exatlon contest organized by Acun Media between YouTubers and to be broadcast in the summer.

Islam “Rammus53” Sour:

Islam, a true Black Sea servant, with funny accent and gestures is a publisher that will surely make you laugh. Rammus53, who plays mainly PUBG and League of Legends, is a streamer that officially has his own army in PUBG. You may have seen many times when they hit other publishers with their followers on YouTube. If you want to laugh a lot, Rammus53 might be the right address.

Levent “Levo” Balım:

  • Levo Facebook post page

Levo, one of Twitch’s former names, managed to survive despite some troubles and fulfilled his promises to his followers. Everybody her with great Riven games. Levo, which has recently been stuck in its own way, continues its broadcasts on Facebook.

Özgür “w0xic” Eker:

If you want to be a professional in CS: GO or want to feel the competition to your heart, w0xic will be the best address. He stands out with his skill with the sniper rifle and his ambitious personality. Your adventure abroad, which started with the HellRaisers team, Germany’s most important esports continues with one of the teams, mousesports. He tries to publish regularly in his spare time.

Koray “Naru” Knife:

Naru, who has represented our country abroad many times in League of Legends, By LoL community is a very popular name. Since he is an old esports player, you can see plenty of good games and new information in his broadcasts. If you are playing LoL or are interested in watching broadcasts, we recommend you take a look at Naru’s Twitch channel.

Mesut Özil:

Known for his passion for games, Mesut Özil has a Twitch channel and occasionally broadcasts, although it is not regular. Especially in this period, we can say that it broadcasts more often because everyone is at home due to the corona virus. Özil, who was a partner of an esports team before, Fortnite is playing. Don’t miss his posts to have a chance to chat with him.

Lando Norris:

If you are interested in racing or Formula 1, be sure to follow Lando Norris. Because himself professional F1 driver and regularly broadcasts on Twitch outside of the race calendar. Publications RedBull F1 pilot Max Verstappen and many other professional Formula 1 drivers come as guests. If you are not missing any F1 races like me, you can enjoy Norris’ broadcasts.

Efe Uygaç:

He is a name we know from the videos on Berkcan Güven’s YouTube channel and became more famous by opening his own channel later. What he’s currently doing on Twitch with chat broadcasts manages to reach thousands of viewers. As a game, he generally prefers to play CS: GO with his friends. You can follow it to watch popular videos on the Internet and have fun conversations.

Pelin “Pqueen” Baynazoğlu:

If you are one of those who say the games are excuses, the conversation is great, you can visit Pqueen. With his extremely entertaining personality and jokes, he can cause the audience to have a stomach ache from laughter. Pqueen, who usually only broadcasts Chat, occasionally plays with horror-themed games is also one of the rare publishers that manages to entertain while creating tension.

Anna Deniz “AnnaDeniz” Şaylan:

Although he is a Twitch broadcaster, he became famous for his videos posted on YouTube by his fans. To his videos O Audio Twitch

You may have come across with the title many times. If you like chat or music broadcasts instead of playing games, you can visit Anna Deniz’s channel. In that Audio Twitch format, talented amateur young singers will be waiting for you.

Sergen “Broken Blade” Steel:

Frankly, even if you don’t know Sergen, you can be proud of him. Because one of the most successful League of Legends leagues abroad, the North American league The first Turkish player to be transferred to the LCS managed to become. In his publications, “What are you saying man?”, “Oh man!” You can hear such discourses. Even he himself sometimes cannot believe in his talent. That’s why “I’m so good!” Be prepared for expressions of self-praise, such as.

Cantuğ “UNLOST” Özsoy:

name Half Life World Champion title

Announcing with , UNLOST is making fun CS: GO broadcasts with its own team in the same house. Apart from this, CS: GO case opening broadcasts, which attract a lot of attention, are also watched a lot. Most watched Turkish CS: GO publishers

We can say that it is in the first place among . If you are curious about him, take a look at his publications.

Berk “RiP” Hill:

RiP, one of UNLOST’s teammates, is a former esports player. Berk, who continues his life as a full-time broadcaster after ending his CS: GO career, is among the most watched CS: GO broadcasters. Especially the MatchMaking matches they played with their friends are watched a lot. Of hers FPS games and especially against CS: GO.

Cem “Mithrain” Karakoç:

Thousands of views, hundreds of thousands of followers and broadcasts despite the passing years we longed to see the face Mithrain is next. He is a very good FPS player. He represented our country abroad, especially in PUBG, and even managed to win awards. In addition to his good acting, he manages to entertain his followers with his funny personality and sense of humor.

Can “Closer” Steel:

In the League of Legends VFŞL 2019 season, he was transferred to the LCS after winning the championship with his former team, Royal Youth. After going to America, there was a serious increase in the number of followers and the number of viewers. Especially another representative in the LCS Fun duo streams with Nisqy was highly appreciated. There are even Twitch’s most entertaining and sincere duo comments about themselves.

Necati “Zeon” Akçay:

  • Zeon Facebook post page

ZeoN, one of Twitch’s former broadcasters, named it for the first time. that he did until the morning in ramadan announced in publications. Necati, who later managed to successfully grow his audience, is now a successful publisher with hundreds of thousands of fans. Although there has been a decrease in the number of viewers after switching from Twitch to Facebook, it is still among the most popular broadcasters. He usually plays CS: GO in his broadcasts.

Şükrü “Uthenera” Şentürk:

Şükrü, one of Twitch’s strangest characters, is a former professional League of Legends player. He later continued his career as a coach and eventually joined his friends, becoming a full-time broadcaster. Published by Riot Games in TFT game quite successful. If you are interested in card games and are looking for fun conversations, you can visit Şükrü’s channel.

İrfan “Pear” Tükek:

Armut, who continued his career with SuperMassive after winning the championship with Royal Youth, is among the most watched Turkish LoL broadcasters. You can see lots of good moves, lots of shouts and lots of different esports players in your broadcasts. Playing in Turkey by many people now best top laner.

Ahmet “Jahrein” Conclusion:

Twitch Jahrein and Jahrein are known by Twitch. Clearly one of the oldest publishers, Ahmet, with chat broadcasts is reaching huge viewership figures. Except this a good gamer, it makes unbeatable broadcasts with nice conversations. You can also find everyone from 7 to 70 as a follower base. He also makes private chat broadcasts with his followers.

Can “XANTARES” The Quartet:

XANTARES, also known as the machine, Turkey’s best CS: GO player. He plays FPL matches with professional players in his broadcasts and he really impresses with his aiming skills. XANTARES, wearing the BIG jersey from the German teams, is still one of the best players and watching his broadcasts, even though he has experienced a low performance lately.

Kaan “Elwind” Shooter:

Elwind, the never-changing face of Twitch, is perhaps one of the broadcasters with the most entertaining team. His team includes funny names like Stansfield, Rogu and Panky. When this team comes together, the fun never ends. On Friday evenings, they play competitive matches between broadcasters and Friday broadcasts. Nowadays, we can say that it is the most watched Turkish League of Legends broadcaster.

Tuğkan “Elraen” Gönültaş:

He is a name that enthroned the hearts with his nice conversation as well as his good looks. At the same time an awesome animal lover. There are also animals and insects that he takes special care of. Playing different game types in his broadcasts, Tuğkan will keep you on the screen for a long time with his fun and sincere conversation. Therefore, make sure the tea is ready before you start watching his broadcasts.

Kemal Can “Herself Musician” Parlak:

Famous for his accent comedy and a game show on Twitch, Kemal Can managed to become one of the most watched broadcasters in a short time. He shows his musician personality in his broadcasts and also sings songs to his audience. Except this Plum Branch

Together with their team named , they make the most entertaining streams on Twitch. Especially in role-playing games we can say they are pretty good.

Ferit “wtcN” Karakaya:

Former professional esportsman, wtcN, since he started broadcasting full-time most watched broadcasters. Naturally, this puts him at the top of the list of best publishers. It plays all kinds of games really well. Apart from that, he established himself with the Musician and Uthenera. BigBossLayf

They broadcast in different formats with . They recently created a concept in the style of BBG house in Cyprus.

We came to the end of our best publishers list. Twitch Jahrein continues to bring many popular broadcasters such as Mithrain, wtcN and Kendine Musician with us. In these days when you quarantine yourself at home due to the Corona virus, we recommend you to take a look at the publishers on our list to have fun. Don’t forget to mention the different publishers you can think of and your favorite publisher in the comments.

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