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Twitter Spaces continues to grow!


Twitter developed as an alternative to the voice chat based communication application Clubhouse. Spaces updated feature. entered our lives with the beta process in November Twitter Spaces was made available for iOS. The social media network, which brought this feature to Android in March, allowed a limited number of users to try on both mobile operating systems. However, this limit is now largely disappeared.

Twitter Spaces’ coverage area expanded

Twitter has made a decision that will please those who want to use Spaces. Feature access by more users announced that it opened. up to 10 people The platform that allows the speaker has filled the Clubhouse deficiency in Android with this move.

How to use Twitter Spaces?

Open Twitter. In the lower right corner. Create (+)

Tap the button and select Spaces.
Set a name for the voice chat session you will create. Next “Start chat room”

Click the button.
In the next step, write a few sentences of explanation about the room you are going to start.

On the screen below; microphone on / off, emoji, menu, sharing and a special member button. You can customize your chat room using the button you need. In addition to the speakers and participants in the room, you can also see pending requests on this screen.

Spaces, Twitter’s mobile apps.

To invite your followers to the room you created “Share”

You need to tap the button. Subsequently, Twitter, produces a special connection in your room. It is enough to send this link to the person you want to invite.

It is possible to browse Twitter while broadcasting Spaces. You do not have to wait in the room during the broadcast. at the top of your profile photo arrow icon you can reduce the tapping room window. When you do this, the Spaces window shrinks to a horizontal bar. While browsing the application, you can control your room in this way.

Broadcast will continue in the background if you lock your phone or switch to another app. A special lock screen and notification window Spaces widget add Twitter, the publication will allow users to stay connected in this way.

alternatives for increasing the Clubhouse

Clubhouse, which has 8 million active users per month, can only be used on iPhone for now. The application, which does not have Android support yet, is experiencing a major deficiency in this platform. Competitors who take this opportunity, on the other hand, have rolled up their sleeves to fill the gap of the Clubhouse.

The first competitor to the platform that allows users to communicate via voice chat rooms was from Twitter. also Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Telegram also joined the platforms caught in the Clubhouse wind.

How do you evaluate the social media giants being affected by the Clubhouse application? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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