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What Can Be Done With Your Stolen Information From Facebook?


While the Facebook data breach scandal was smoking, online food ordering service Yemeksepeti, the social media of the career world, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse, whose name we frequently mentioned as the new generation social network, declared that they could not provide data security and were attacked by cyber attacks. We are always talking about the data breach and the platform where the breach occurred, ok Have you ever thought about what can be done with your stolen information?

What can be done with your stolen information

The answer to the question may reveal grisly results based on your personal information on the infringing platform. Although it seems to be common, it is a difficult task to organize cyber attacks on the aforementioned platforms. Attacking social media platforms instead of robbing banks What can be done with your stolen information for a hacker

The answers to the question constitute a wide range.

What can be done with your stolen information?

  • Stolen information can be sold on the Deep Web.
  • Your stolen information can be used in phishing attacks.
  • Stolen information can be used for identity theft.
  • Institutional companies can be attacked.
  • You can access your accounts on other platforms with your information on one platform.
  • Worst case scenario; What can be done with your information stolen in real life?

Stolen information can be sold on the Deep Web:


An attacker who carries out a cyber attack on any social media platform and has a large amount of user data can sell this data to more malicious people in the Deep Web and similar environments instead of processing this data for their own malicious purposes. Moreover, from this sale can get a fairly high amount. In other words, it is possible to say that today’s user data are much more valuable commodities than gold obtained by a bank robbery. What the Deep Web user will do with this data can push the limits of your imagination.

Your stolen information can be used in phishing attacks:

Although there are different types of phishing attacks, we can generally call it a method of leaking information and money from other people using real person information. An attacker who seized your e-mail address, on the computer of the person on your list a link to install malware. By sending a fraudulent campaign link on your behalf, he / she can tell that there are big discounts and that they must buy something using their credit card information. In other words, it can defraud people you know using your name.

Stolen information can be used for identity theft:

You must have seen in the old movies that a person’s identity was stolen and the criminal used it by pasting his / her own photo on that identity. Here is the modern version of it, which is the answer to the question of what can be done with your stolen information. A criminal who holds your detailed personal information can open an account using this information on all online services you can think of, using your credit card information can spend your money or even take the money away by applying for a loan on your behalf to the banks.

Institutional companies can be attacked:

The personal information obtained from the platforms during any cyber attack may be the private information of the person or the private information of the corporate company he works with. At this point the name of the attack method targeted phishing. During targeted phishing, the target of the attacker is directly to the network or employees of a corporate firm. The attacker, who keeps the target big, will get much more data or money the moment he infiltrates the company’s network. Selling the data obtained here can even cause dire consequences, such as losing the auctions to be entered by a company.

You can reach your accounts on other platforms with your information on one platform:

Let’s say your data was stolen during the Facebook data breach scandal. These were available to anyone and you didn’t care too much. However, the criminal can find your account by using this simple data in a cyber attack on a different online shopping site and can reach your account much more easily by minimizing the number of login combinations. It might seem simple but a step-by-step cyber attacker, can finally obtain enough personal information to reach your bank account information.

Worst case scenario; What can be done with your information stolen in real life?

In general, we talked about what cyber attackers can do in the cyber world with your stolen data. But possibility of real life reflection of this attack there is also. Your information stolen from data breach platforms may include your mobile phone number, business address, home address, daily plans, payment plans and many other private information. Even your private images can be accessed. As a result, blackmail, threats, extortion and many other bad events can occur. This must be the worst possible scenario.

What should you do after a data breach?

First of all, after hearing that a cyber attack was launched on a platform you are also a user of and a massive data breach scandal was experienced. It is necessary to wait for an official statement from the platform. Because a lot of fake news has been heard about this, especially recently. Wait for the platform’s official release and find out the details about the stolen information.

By examining our content here, you can find out whether your mobile phone number or e-mail address is among the stolen information. On the platform in question change your information or even delete your account if it is not very important. Make sure to change your information on the platforms where you use similar login information.

If the violation occurred on a social media platform and you can no longer access your account, you can open a new account and show your followers as possible. Warn of phishing attacks. Tell them that your account has been compromised and dismiss them if contacted.

If you have credit card information registered on the platform where the data breach occurred, check whether any transaction was made without your notice. If no transaction has been made, but you are worried that your credit card information has been stolen and a possible transaction will take place in the future, by contacting your bank. say your credit card was stolen, cancel and ask for a new card. From that moment on, you will have the power to initiate legal action on transactions made with your credit card.

What should you do for your virtual security?

As we always say, the indispensable first measure, on every platform different and unique passwords. If necessary, you can use a password manager mobile application to help you in this regard. Likewise, use the two-factor authentication feature on every platform that offers this service. You can prevent possible account hijacking attacks.

Do not share your personal information on any website you do not trust. If necessary, you can use services such as 10minutemail. The most important point you should pay attention to is even if reliable does not save your credit card information on any internet site. Almost every bank offers a much more secure virtual card service. By using a virtual card, you can protect your credit card information in possible data breach scandals.

From platforms such as Facebook, Yemeksepeti, LinkedIn and Clubhouse What can be done with your stolen information

We answered the question and explained some basic precautions you can take. Ensuring all your virtual security is not in your hands, but you can overcome such situations with the least damage by taking all the precautions you can take.

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