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What is Russia’s Social Network VKontakte, How to Use It?


When it comes to social media, most of us first think of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The most used channels in our country and in the world have a competitor that we do not know: VKontakte. VKontakte, shortly VK, is the most visited in Russia and Ukraine; and the sixth most popular site in the world.

According to the latest data, VK has 400 million active users. Of course, there is no question of replacing Facebook with 2.8 billion users or Instagram with 1 billion users. But still, only for a platform that has adopted Eastern Europe as a target audience. 400 million users is a satisfactory number.

What is this VKontakte?

To put it simply, VKontakte is a social media networking site. So, like most social media platforms, you can add friends, gain followers and like cat photos. The biggest difference from other social media platforms is that VK offers Eastern European users; specifically aimed at Russians.

VK, Russia’s most popular social media platform, receives 3 billion daily page views. The owner of VK is actually a Russian company, internet giant as we all know. Mail. ru. With the absence of IP restrictions in the country, you can access a Facebook-style interface, Foursquare-like check-ins, and even a Pirate Bay-style file sharing service, thanks to VK.

Meanwhile, VKontakte’s developer is Pavel Durov, who will later develop Telegram. This is why he was called Russia’s Zuckerberg. However, in 2014 another Russian company, VKontakte Mail. He had sold it to Ru.

VKontakte and digital marketing

If you want to conquer the Russian part of the Internet, the social media platform you should definitely use is VKontakte. As with most social media platforms, brands within VK can create consumer campaigns, content marketing, and customer service forums. Just in this regard, one of the giants in the field of digital marketing made the following sentences in Hannes Ben Econsultancy: “VK has long been seen as a marketing platform to raise brand awareness. But over the past two years, it has been increasingly recognized as a revenue-generating channel (especially in the retail and travel industries) that outperforms traditional marketing channels such as search and display in terms of reach and ROI. “

VKontakte gives brands detailed profile information that reveals demographic data and social insights. Thus, users’ basic information, contact information, interests, education, job, military service, personal views can be separated and filtered. You can even exaggerate a little more and if you are a business owner using VKontakte, you can examine users down to their opinions about smoking, alcohol, and even their political views. In this way, you can have a wide range of information about your brand’s audience, consisting of people who know that all these criteria will be examined, and offer them campaigns that they know will be interested.

VK is also empowered to use a social information gathering technique called “social listening” that seeks answers to the question of how users shape their searches and interests.

What’s going on inside?

VKontakte is a platform hosting thousands of chats and posts mainly about Russian pop culture, interests and lifestyles. While most of the rest of the world people use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to discuss their opinions, talk about their lives, share cat photos, and even criticize a product or brand, Russian and Eastern European internet users do all this on VKontakte. The biggest reason why social media has grown so much and is a focal point is what we have mentioned above; unfiltered and contains opinions directly from users.

It is precisely for this reason that brands and agencies that use social media channels for their digital marketing have a direct impact on the user.

VKontakte Interface

The interface of the page is very similar to Facebook’s interface at first glance. Of course, it is acceptable that two social media platforms used for almost the same purposes are alike. The founder of the site, Pavel Durov, has already admitted that he was introduced to the concept of social media on Facebook. Still, the entire design of the site is his own.

There are quite a few functional differences between the two sites that even have colors “similar” to each other. With VKontakte, users can combine Facebook and Spotify apps to search for various music files, add them to playlists and share them with their friends. In addition, video sharing also plays a much larger role than Facebook, almost acting as a YouTube.

The feature of VKontakte, which gathers all these channels together, is not limited to these. VK also serves as Rusyan’s Tinder. VK also makes it easy to meet strangers with detailed search parameters such as geographic location, age and relationship status.

How to Open a VKontakte Account?

The most important feature that makes VKontakte accessible is how easy it is to create an account. You can complete your membership with your verification code only if you enter your name, phone number and password. Users who do not provide their phone numbers can sign up using their Facebook accounts.

  • Step # 1: vk. go to com site
  • Step # 2: Fill in your information from the section where it says “Is it your first time to VK site?”
  • Step # 3: Enter your phone number on the new screen that opens and get your activation code.
  • Step # 4: If you do not want to give your phone number, you can use your Facebook account.

Step # 1: vk. Com start filling your information by going to the site.

Step # 2: Fill in your name, surname and age information from the section that says “Did you come to the VK site for the first time”.

Step # 3: After filling in your information on the previous screen, enter your phone number on the screen that opens and wait for your activation code. After entering your activation code on the screen, you will have completed your membership.

Step # 4: If you do not want to give your phone number, you can use your Facebook account for membership by clicking the Connect with Facebook button from the first registered page.

It will take you 2 minutes to create your account and start using VK. After creating your account, you can create an in-depth profile on this new social media platform to introduce who you are to your new network. On your profile classic information such as gender, age, relationship status, you can also fill in information such as whether you smoke or not, your military status.

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