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WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal: Which one provides privacy?


Popular messaging application WhatsApp, confidentiality agreement

With the update, it caused many people to be nervous. At the same time, competitors Telegram and Signal also entered the radar of users during this period.

Three prominent messaging services are also compared to each other. Especially privacy on what application more good was a matter of curiosity. We have compiled the details on this subject in our article.

Signal is superior to its competitors in terms of ‘privacy’

Firstly Elon Musk

The privacy policy of Signal, which came to the agenda with the tweet of , is also extremely user-friendly. The application uses the service persons no does not store data. This is the most important point that distinguishes the messaging service from its competitors.

On the other hand Signal is also end-to-end encryption. For this situation WhatsApp and Telegram is following the same policy. It

Thanks to the encryption system messages are not visible to third parties.

Also completely open source

Signal with profit purpose also not running. It also gives confidence to the users that the application developed by the Signal Foundation does not establish this business on earnings.

The prominent privacy features of the messaging application are as follows:

  • Doesn’t collect any data other than the phone number
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Fully open source
  • Encryption system: Signal Protocol

Does Telegram offer privacy to its users?

Popular social media platform Telegram became the new stop for many users after WhatsApp’s privacy agreement update. However, Telegram is not as successful as Signal in this regard.

The first question marks in Telegram’s privacy point arise with the data it requests. The platform, from its users; name, phone number, contacts getting information. However, this data falls short of the information WhatsApp collects.

On the other hand, Telegram to hide the chats. end-to-end encryption system available. However, the application does not use encryption as it is in its competitors. ‘default’

Set does not serve users. People using Telegram need to turn on this feature through settings.

Telegram also has a criminal record for privacy and security. In March 2020, the phone numbers of 42 million Telegram users were revealed. Iranian government officials are thought to be behind this incident.

The prominent privacy features of the application are as follows:

  • Collects phone number, name, contacts data
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Partially open source
  • Encryption system: MTProto

What information does WhatsApp access to users?

First, let’s pay attention to the distinction between privacy and security. While security is about protecting data against unauthorized access; privacy is about protecting data regardless of who has access to it.

From a security perspective WhatsApp and Signal has the same encryption system. However, the encryption system is only one of the partially open source parts of WhatsApp. Like Telegram, WhatsApp used to be ‘hack’

It should be noted that has encountered problems.

WhatsApp also about privacy data collected does not give much confidence. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, the application hides messages but collects much more information. Users; device ID, purchase history, financial information, location, phone number and guide

A lot of information such as passes to WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp official spoke to the American technology site CNET on the issue. The official said that this information was not shared with Facebook, adding that this data was collected to provide better service.

The privacy features of the popular messaging service are as follows:

  • Collects a lot of information such as phone number, name, location, purchase history
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Not open source other than encryption
  • Encryption system: Signal Protocol

Deadline for WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement is May 15

On the other hand, WhatsApp recently made a new statement for its new privacy agreement. Company, May 15

He stated to that the postponed update will be made on the specified date. They announced that efforts will continue to correct the “error” situation that occurred during this period.

Which one protects users’ privacy?

When we compare the three applications, privacy on Signal becomes number one. Open source, end-to-end encryption and only request phone number information application transparent and reliable. also non-profit being produced by an institution also increases the belief that privacy will be protected.

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