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Why Has YouTuber Selling Her Bath Water Not Appear For 2 Months?


Months ago, we talked about a YouTuber named Belle Delphine. This YouTuber sold the water he bathed in to get up, and all of the water offered for sale in jars was sold. Belle Delphine, who repeated this situation upon the intense demand from her followers, once again put the water she bathed in for sale and the water had sold out the second time.

After this strange incident, the 19-year-old phenomenon decided to close his Instagram account as a result of his constant complaints. In fact, Delphine has not been using Instagram for a long time. But interestingly, it’s unclear where the young phenomenon itself is. Because Delphine hasn’t been around for a while. The young girl’s last post on the internet is her Twitter post on 5 August.

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein, directors of “h3h3Productions”, one of YouTube’s popular channels, have covered this in depth. Speaking about this issue in the video released on October 4, Ethan Klein suggested that the reason for Delphine’s disappearance may be legal reasons. Delphine’s website is also down, suggesting that it may be struggling with legal issues.

Delphine may have traded illegally, according to Klein’s statements. Moreover, according to the relevant laws, the transportation of bath water is not legally possible. As such, Klein points out that the teen internet phenomenon may have been held accountable to law enforcement.

Delphine’s followers, on the other hand, forget the young phenomenon more and more every day. Actually, Belle Delphine; Popular on a platform called “Patreon” rather than YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. However, Delphine’s Patreon account is losing more and more followers every day. Moreover, the young phenomenon’s Twitter followers are also decreasing. It remains unclear how Delphine’s internet future will be.

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