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YouTuber Jake Paul Is Criticized By Activists


The actions that started after George Floyd was killed by the US police continue to grow. Many Americans, against police violence while trying to make a voice in the actions taken, YouTubers have become a part of this process. However, the videos published by some YouTubers are openly criticized by the activists. Jake Paul is among the YouTubers criticized by the activists.

More than 20 million subscribers on YouTube Jake Paul was recently spotted during raids in a shopping mall during demonstrations in Arizona. Paul’s recording and publication of the looting was criticized by the activists.

Jake Paul made a statement after criticism

Jake Paul, who made a statement about the published videos, said that he was there with his team to view the events of the loot he was seen in the videos posted on Instagram and Twitter. Of the shopping center looting saying he disagreed, “ Neither me nor anyone on our team engaged in looting or vandalism ”he said.

Paul, sharing his experiences and the places they travel to draw attention to people’s anger said they recorded everything they saw. Commenting on his Twitter account, Jake Paul said, “I do not tolerate violence, plunder or break the law. But it is important for people to see this and to understand how to progress in a healthy way collectively ” he said.

Jake Paul is said to use his imagery to earn more money

Criticizing Jake Paul and his team for filming videos during the looting events, activists told Paul why specifically, instead of viewing the ongoing actions in Arizona. looting incidents

They ask you are viewing .

US musician David Lee Crow shows footage of Jake Paul’s looting. to earn more money suggested. Crow also told Jake Paul that he should not see actions as an opportunity to grow his brand.

Zach Sang, a prominent social media figure, said Jake Paul spent hours filming the loot of a shopping mall, but did nothing to solidarity with the people in the protests that continued around the same time. Sang, “ Jake doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his money. Needs help ”he said. YouTuber and podcast publisher Jack Dean said, “ Jake Paul (a white millionaire) uses BLM protests to increase his earnings ”he said.

Paul’s right now on YouTube It has 20 million subscribers, 3.7 million followers on Twitter and 13 million followers on Instagram. People argue that Paul can call this mass of followers solidarity for actions, but instead benefits him by capturing sensational moments of actions.

Moments of Jake Paul’s looting in Arizona:

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