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YouTuber Views Rocket Passing Over His Head


The video in question was recorded in a suburban area called Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq, on Sunday night. In the video recorded by Firas al-Sarrai, who has a remarkable audience on Instagram and YouTube, during the protests, a rocket is seen running over his head.

The video, shared thousands of times on social media, begins with a man who was most likely El Sarrai introducing himself. “Look how they opened fire on protesters”

Saying , the Iraqi YouTuber reveals the point where the protests have reached. While Al-Sarrai describes the bullet passing over his head as a missile, according to some social media users, it could also be a cartridge or a tear gas grenade.

Despite this, the Washington Post’s Beirut bureau chief Liz Sly said in a post on her personal Twitter account that the projectile “looked like an RPG (rocket)”.

Protesting against rising unemployment and corruption in the country, the demonstrators faced bloody intervention by the Iraqi government. According to the Associated Press, a total of 104 people have died in the protests that started last Tuesday.

Last week, the Iraqi government banned access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram due to increased protests, while reducing all internet access in the country by 70 percent.

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