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10 Features That Can Cause Chaos in Social Media


Alfred in The Dark Knight for the Joker “Some people just want to see the world burn” he said. This line is in the movie one of the most iconic phrases. We are also today will burn social media, we planned features that will turn a fire into a fire.

First of all, let us state that these platforms do not work on the features we will write below, even if they do. It is a pure coincidence that we write in this article. Also, similar features of these features may be found in more niche social media channels with fewer users, we will consider mainstream social media platforms.

The longest looking at your story

In many social media applications, when you touch the screen with your finger, the flow of the story stops, you can look at the screen as long as you want. To a story the longer one can be looked at, the longer the one who looks interesting results may arise if you are aware of it.

Top viewers for your story

This will be another noticeable change. Who has looked back at your stories?, who randomly came across your profile in the story stream so you can have an idea. Result: it’s going to get a little messy.

Viewing stories anonymously

Let me look at other people’s stories the way I want, woe to tell my master let me be more comfortable stalking will certainly be a feature that has the potential to be a rare jute for those who say that, but allowing anonymous viewing of stories would also be a subject of discussion.

“He’s writing to someone else right now”

It will be WhatsApp, it will be Facebook, it will be Instagram … During a conversation on social media, it will appear above the conversation box “ He’s talking to someone else right now “will also fuel chaos.” You were online and did not write to me “Think about the fights. Now consider him. multiply by 12 or something.

“X put you in this category”

Social media apps only to trigger in a positive way works fine. For example, on Instagram, you can be notified when people add you to close friends. When the opposite is true, you can see, even people’s you can see which group of friends they usually keep you in consider. It would be a feature that would triple social media hostility alone.

“Waiting for My Pretenders” badge

People with the badge to be used in the social media profile they are open to the idea of ​​a relationship, mere thinking about what might happen if a relationship could show that they wanted would be enough to understand the crunch of social media. As social media turns into a big marriage program Tinder will not be satisfied with this job at all.

See who is watching someone else’s story

“Why did that girl / guy beat a heart on your photo” “Who is this guy / wife looking at your every story? to get this amazing feature

Thanks to , we cannot know whether lovers are separated, friends are opened up or not. Also use the words wife and man very ugly phrases, woman and man.

Real laughter sensor

To pass people off random laughing, bad news for those who have a habit of laughing, sending smiley. Thanks to this feature, you can see the images taken from the front camera of people who laugh indiscriminately or

Warnings such as in writing (did not laugh) you can see.

Replica message alert

We use certain patterns frequently throughout the day, for example we say good morning to people. We are talking about replica messages these are not. “Google & gt; sweetheart cool good morning message & gt; enter”

A system that warns against duplicate messages in the form of will tie many people’s hands. On the Internet “ 10 TL original good morning message “will start to be sold. We do not stop here and move on to the next stage.

Which person are you receiving this message?

Does one person send the same message to everyone? Imagine that you could see a phrase like “You are among the 46 people to whom this message was sent. Your rank is 12.” in the message you received. Whatever the Qandil messages are, there is a potential to cause a huge fight in these messages, we all know that more or less.

These features are unlikely to come to social media platforms, after all at some point social media giants to lose users. Still, if we see such features one day, remember this post as well. If you have other ideas to pour a can of gas on social media that will return to the fire place, you can share them in the comments.

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