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4 new alternatives coming to Clubhouse from Facebook


Published on the App Store last year Clubhouse has literally started a new era in social media platforms. In a short time Twitter, Telegram, Discord and many more applications announced that they are developing their own voice chat alternatives. But among them, Facebook was the most ambitious company.

Who wants to dethrone Clubhouse Facebook at the beginning of the month Hotline

Announced the service named . The platform where content producers can chat and receive questions from the audience at the same time is the company’s R&D group NPE started to be tested publicly by the team. But before long, good news came from Facebook for a handful of new features with similar functionality.

Facebook’s ambition for Clubhouse does not end

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has rolled up its sleeves for new vehicles to rival the Clubhouse’s growing reputation. Although the experimental services produced by the company did not show much hope in this regard, the team never gave up and continued their search. Ultimately Social Audio

It decided to implement a series of features under the name of .


According to the information provided by Facebook today at least four different voice chat services for the announcement. One of these, Messenger Rooms

It will start as an extension of . It will provide a voice-based chat option to the existing video conferencing service. The company will also allow users to record short audio messages and share them with friends.

Apart from the extensions it will bring to existing services, Facebook’s Clubhouse It is thought to launch a separate service that is almost identical to. The feature, which will be broadcast directly on audio basis, will allow broadcasters and listeners to interact one-on-one. Also these recorded publications podcast

(as Spotify.

According to reports, Facebook will announce at least four different voice chat tools to its users today. However, feature availability will likely span a long period of time.

Clubhouse comes to Android

Software developer of the clubhouse Mopewa Ogundipe gave the expected good news in a tweet he shared last week. Social media “ How did it start, how is it going? ”, Ogundipe shared two different screenshots of his account in the application.

“In the profile of Ogundipe in the first image” sent from my iPhone ”message while; In the second screen shot, the location of the iPhone Pixel received. Google

The image taken from a smartphone developed by Android has demonstrated that it can meet a wider community of users.

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