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The Amazing Interaction Jennifer Aniston Reached on Instagram


The prestigious names of the Hollywood world, especially those who are famous around the world before the social media age, get messed up when it comes to social media. Published between 1994 and 2004 and still watched in the TV series Friends

Jenifer Aniston, who became famous , is one of them. The 50-year-old actor is a name that is constantly on the agenda all over the world.

Interestingly, people value more people who gained fame before social media came into our lives. Today’s fame and popularity

Thanks to this approach, which is completely opposite to the concept of , these permanent celebrities make themselves known in whatever medium they enter.

The number of interactions Jennifer Aniston has caught on Instagram:


As soon as Aniston joined Instagram 2 days ago, she shared a photo with her friends on the TV series Friends that made her star. This extremely ordinary photo has created such an agenda that the number of likes now exceeds 12 million. Yes exactly 12 million!

In other words, on earth A mass greater than the population of 170 countries tapped Aniston’s first Instagram photo twice. In addition, Aniston also broke a new record with this account. The record for “reaching 1 million followers as soon as possible”, previously broken by the Harry and Meghan Markle couple, now belongs to Aniston.

Because Aniston, after entering Instagram 5 hours 45 minutes then reached 1 million followers. In the following 48 hours, this number of followers increased to 11.3 million. In other words, the number of followers on Aniston on Instagram increased to 11 times in about 43 hours.

Against these exaggerated numbers, Aniston thanked the Instagram audience with the video below:


So, how did Aniston and his descendants achieve this popularity, why is their reputation so enduring? Why are people like Aniston more loved than new celebrities?

In the studies on this subject, the concept of reputation is divided into two, just like the concept of media. Famous names before entering our social media life are called “traditional media celebrities”, and people we know with social media are called new media celebrities or “influencers”.

It is easier to reach millions of people through social media compared to the conditions in the traditional media era. Also in a shorter time, from a room of your house it is possible to reach millions. As such, the number of people who are famous on social media is high. You don’t have to work for months or perform Oscar performances to be famous.

Traditional media celebrities, on the other hand, reach their popularity level in return for a certain amount of effort. Even in areas such as acting, theater, directing, and hosting best in the world. They have to maintain this success throughout their lives and fight for reputation just like companies.

Social media celebrities, on the other hand, consist of names that change with each passing period, shine and fade, and come to the fore with temporary discourses. That is why a traditional media celebrity is the new media medium in all its popularity and reputation. Instagram and similar When it comes to platforms, things are getting into each other. Just like Aniston did on Instagram.

In the meantime, we guess that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg watched everything that happened. Because some of the traditional media celebrities, just to increase the interaction on platforms such as Instagram millions of dollars they make advertising deals.

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