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Twitter 15 Years Old: First Tweet Posted 15 Years Ago Today


Exactly 15 years ago, on March 21, 2006 Jack Dorsey

Someone named shared his first tweet on Twitter. Yet at that time a young startup that can’t see its way

Twitter was designed as a microblog that allows people to share short texts that they wrote with character limitations and was developed by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

After the work of this four-person team, Jack Dorsey said ‘ status ‘concept was introduced, with the suggestion of Noah Glass in the first days of March The name of the platform was determined as Twitter. Jack Dorsey, who will later become the CEO of the company, shared his first tweet on March 21, 2006, and Twitter’s journey of great changes began.

From a shared microblog to personal status updates to a platform that sets the social agenda:

In the first years of its use, Twitter was really hosting posts like a personal blog. Persons instant status updates, in this platform, which they conveyed in short sentences, they shared their opinions on different subjects through labels, and they reported their current status about the events that took place or the events that happened. However, with the increasing popularity over time At the point of use of Twitter has also begun to occur.

In fact, among other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram for Twitter least deformable platform

It would not be wrong to say . Because basically, there have not been any major changes on application basis. Of course, the platform has experienced a development over the years with the addition of features such as visual and video, increasing character limitation, likes and RT, but this is not what changed Twitter.

Over time, Twitter has become a platform where you can easily interact with a lot of people and express all kinds of opinions on the same issue. has become a place where they share their ideas about social situations.

As such, the purpose of the platform is this great change has made Twitter one of the most powerful platforms over the years. Twitter, which is seen as a way to instantly reach everything that is on the agenda both in our country and in the world, has turned into a place that sets the agenda by preventing the sharing of the president of the USA, who has not yet left his office, from a place where posts like ‘I am very unhappy today’ before our eyes.

Social media where the fastest communication network can be established

But of course, there are also things that have not changed on Twitter since the first days. Twitter is a platform where people share the most and use it as a kind of communication channel when a disaster or disaster occurs today. This was the case when Twitter was first launched. The earthquake tweets of Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of the company, were the most obvious examples of this situation.

During this long period of 15 years, Twitter was wanted to be bought by Facebook, it encountered access barriers in countries from time to time, and it became one of the leading names in many important events in the world … In the end, it is still in its 15th year. one of the most used platforms in the world and it looks like it will not lose anything from this popularity for a long time.

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