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YouTube brings new video resolution controls to mobile devices


YouTube is testing new video control options in mobile apps that allow users to further customize their viewing experience. With the new feature, users will be able to adjust the video resolution according to their data usage preferences.

New resolution options

For years, YouTube has been offering its users ‘automatic’ mode, which adjusts the video resolution depending on the current internet speed. The platform uses more data alongside this option ‘ higher image quality ‘mode and offering low image quality’ data saving ‘adds the’ mod.

It seems that the higher image quality mode offers a minimum resolution of 720p, while the data saver mode allows for a maximum resolution of 480p. Also ‘ advanced

When playing video from ‘mode, a desired resolution from 144p to 4K UHD can be selected.

Users will also be able to customize which option they want YouTube to use by default when playing videos on mobile and wireless networks from the Settings section of the application.

YouTube is testing the new video resolution options feature with a wide range of users. According to the feedback provided, the company will present the feature to all its users.

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