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Facebook Announces Their Problems in Australia


Most social media platforms one of the controversial ones without a doubt Facebook. Facebook, which is often at the center of lawsuits and discussions, recently announced that the posts of news sites in Australia will no longer be available on the platform.

After this controversial decision Australian media outlets

It was curious how to resolve the dispute between and Facebook. A statement came from the Facebook front regarding the issue.

Interesting analogy from Facebook

For Australia’s news links will require payment

Criticizing the legal regulation of Facebook, “This is like forcing automakers to set up radio stations just because people might want to listen to the radio in their cars.”, he stated that this situation may require very serious payments to the media organizations.

Inventor of the internet Tim Berners-Lee

The social media giant, referring to the warnings of , said that the law in Australia would make the internet inoperable as we know it. Facebook says people already see very little news content. 1 in 25 posts stated that even though it was such a post, it was too much for people.

Billions of times every year news sites with links shared from the platform, Facebook officials stated that these contents were not stolen by their own platforms as claimed, or they did not use the original content for their own interests.

Facebook drew attention to the effect of the internet on newspapers

The advent of the internet news industry

Expressing that they are aware of how it affects , Facebook said that some companies can fully adapt to social media, but some have problems. On Facebook a potential source of income

They emphasized that it became .

Stating that there are two alternatives offered to Facebook, one of them is to pay media affiliates and the other is to remove the news from the stream, Facebook said that they had difficulties in making their decisions. The company also as a third alternative also introduced the idea of ​​a Facebook News tab where only news will be shared for a fee.

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