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Facebook’s claims to buy Bitcoin turned out to be untrue


Social media giant Facebook for a while Bitcoin claims were circulating. In fact, this unconfirmed rumor even found its way into Fox Business on April 28.

However, at the time of announcement of earnings expectations yesterday evening, Facebook did not share any details about the Bitcoin (BTC) purchase that the cryptocurrency community was eagerly awaiting. is not true is understood. For now, this shows that the company is not investing in Bitcoin or has other plans to give the public information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

We do not know if there will be a Bitcoin purchase by Facebook in the future, but currently Facebook has its own stablecoin ( Diem). Along with Facebook, many companies and countries continue to work on their own digital currency. It is obvious that companies are preparing for cryptocurrencies. However, many companies have started to include cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, in their reserves. Big companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy play a huge role in the overall acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

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