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Instagram Gives Recommendations to Some Creators


Like all social media platforms Instagram also has an algorithm and knowing the “numbers” of this algorithm is the golden key to increasing the number of followers and reaching a wider audience. Well, behind closed doors of Instagram itself, some content producers to increase their interactions What would you say if we told you that they gave you tips on the posts they will share?

According to Business Insider’s Amanda Perelli, Instagram shows some creators how often they should post, how they can increase engagement rates. advise. Considering that Instagram does not share detailed information about how the algorithm works, the content producers do not ask for their algorithm. to make suggestions that are advantageous

We can say that is remarkable.

You need to produce 10-15 content per week to increase your Instagram “interactions”

While it is “exciting” for many creators to seek advice from Instagram in person to reach a wider audience, some social media experts and content creators who spoke to Sydney Bradley were asked by Instagram. suggested number of posts is unsustainable state that other suggestions may be useful.

According to the statements of a creator, some of Instagram’s suggestions for content are as follows:

  • 3 main stream posts per week (Including Reels or IGTV posts shared on stream)
  • 8-10 stories per week (At least 2 stories a day)
  • 4-7 Reels video per week
  • 1-3 IGTV videos per week (Live broadcast included)

According to Instagram’s only these suggestions, creators need to create 10-15 Instagram content per week. You will appreciate that many creators do not produce content on a single platform, and only 10-15 per week on a single platform. “original” It is not easy to produce content. It is for this reason that creator Rachel Reichenbach says that Instagram’s suggestions on the number of content not realistic.

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