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Popular Instagram Tracking App Removed from App Store


Photo and video sharing platform operating under the umbrella of Facebook Instagram closed the “Tracking” tab at the beginning of October last month. The tab, where you can see which posts the people you follow leave likes and comments or who they follow, was one of the only places where stalkers ate bread.

Instagram closed the section in question based on privacy; but in july App Store

silently entering the lists Like Patrol

An application called made this lost feature come back. Users, more easily than ever before. prompting to spy

The third-party app monitors annoyingly closely one’s social media activities.

Like Patrol app:

Even Like Patrol has even created a special service that allows paying subscribers to receive real-time notifications whenever people they choose leave a comment or like on a photo. Who misses the dose of stalker, does not remain indifferent to this practice Instagram, Like Patrol inappropriately data engineering, he stated that they are working on various sanctions.

Apple, following the statements of the social media giant, Like Patrol’s app store App Store

removed from . Speaking to CNET on the subject, Sergio Luis Quintero, the developer of Like Patrol, said: “We believe that our application does not violate Apple policies, we plan to appeal this decision in the coming days. If our application violated any policy, Instagram would violate the same policies from 2011 to 2019” used the expressions.

Stating that they will struggle to return to the App Store, Quintero, open source and that anyone can use it in the coming days.

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