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TikTok Develops An App That Rivals Clubhouse


There has been a saturation of social media applications in recent years. In this process, when we saw that new ideas started to come out less, our consumption as humans also accelerated. Of course, there are new ideas coming out during these periods. These ideas can be quickly integrated by previous social media platforms. The last example of this is, which is popular in our country. Clubhouse happened to the application.

You have the opportunity to chat with many names including famous names in the rooms or listen to the chatter Clubhouse; It also attracted the attention of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. After these two platforms, another social media giant trying to integrate the concept Clubhouse uses is TikTok.

TikTok will offer Clubhouse-like app in China

After China banned Clubhouse, Chinese users started looking for alternative solutions to this application. At this point, it is seen that the Chinese social media platform TikTok is preparing a solution. According to the information obtained TikTok started developing a new app in the style of chat room. It is known that the work of TikTok’s roof company ByteDance on this application has come to an end. According to the first information, the application is thought to be in China.

For the time being, direct the application TikTok

It is not known whether it will work integrated with or it will be a brand new application, but it is planned to start closed beta tests in the coming days. It is estimated that the practice to be prepared due to the censorship policies in China will be constantly listened to in order to prevent speeches critical of the government.

Twitter started testing Spaces in Turkey

The sudden popularity of the Clubhouse, but the inability of a large number of people to use it, started to become a trump card for other social media platforms. For example, Twitter, Clubhouse-like feature Spaces

It started to test in more than one place, including our country. We expect sound rooms like Clubhouse in many applications soon. So what do you think about these steps of companies? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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